sdr overview

The Mendeola SDR Full Syncro 5 Speed Transaxle has come to fruition. In development for over 2 years, it's initial debut was at the 2005 SEMA and PRI shows. Designed specifically for mid-engine repli-car and OEM specialty platforms, SDR-Crate Motor combinations are limitness.

Available options include: Bias gear or Climbing ramp limited slip (at addtl. cost), GKN series 18 Drive Stubs.

Add Tilton Dual Disc Clutches and Starters for uncompromising performance. It's total effective length is only 1 1/2" over a Porsche G-50.

sdr ratios

Specialty Gearset Street Version only. 100% ground teeth, dual cone syncros, splines, and hubs ground.

1st-2.21 2nd -1.50 3rd -1.14 4th -.89 5th -.70

Ring & Pinion

Other Ratios to follow



Coolant pump comes standard.